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The community of Burggen

Burggen is situated on 750 meters above sea level in the picturesque Paffenwinkel region between Munich and the city of Füssen, at the edge of Allgäu region.

Burggen has about 1.700 inhabitants, including the districts of Tannenberg and Haslach, and is rich in history.

You find the village in the western part of the swabian and bavarian borderland of the so-called Lechrain. Three popular pathways are converging in Burggen: Via Claudia Augusta, König-Ludwig-Pathway and the Lechhöhen-Wanderweg.

The community offers a well organized supermarket, a comfortable café, a bakery with a wonderful collection of german bread and buns, a hairdresser, a public library, a medical practice and a pharmacy.

The Gasthaus Fichtl, that offers domestic cuisine, invites you to have local dishes on a sunny terrace with a fantastic view over Burggen and the Alps.

You can find more shopping activities in the neighboring city of Schongau (7km).

The highest point in our area is the Auerberg in Bernbeuren. It has 1055 meters above sea level! From there you have a marvelous view to the whole mountain range of the Alps. Up there you can hardly oversee the majestical church St. Georg and the Inn Auerberg-Gasthof. The entrance to the tower is in the church, that is open daily from 10 am. Before reaching the top platform, you pass the church bells of St. Georg, that you can hear ringing on the full hour.


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